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Tasha (nee Magic) & Bosley

Some time back, H arranged for Chris to get a cat - Magic - she of the green, green eyes.  Chris gave me some photos to share (I presume - since I am not a cat person as such).  Tasha (aka Magic) is the one with the green eyes and Bosley (1/2 ragdoll cat) is the other 'n.  :)

That's all folks!

Everyone Plays - we haz photos

Well here I am again testing out my new skills.

Here is a series of photos showing how Jill likes to play on her head, Yoda likes the company, Lana likes to be the main player and Enid likes a drive-by.

Oh and note how generally (with one exception) Jilly likes to maintain her modesty - penis tail to the rescue!

What was your last meal?

I was sitting there starting to eat my breakfast (one mouthful missing) and wished I could share it with my friends.  So herewith, a photo of brekky.  A two (small) egg omelet with 1 Spicy Italian sausage (cooked in olive oil, then sliced), some fresh red capsicum chopped, 1/2 a small onion rough chopped, 2 small brown mushrooms chopped, 1 large clove of garlic minced, covered with a huge handful/grabful or fresh spinach.  Put the lid on and cook while the toast is browning (takes 2 passes of the toaster).  Toast is home-made bread - with 1 cup sesame seeds, 1 cup oatbran,2 cups  ww flour,1/2 cup gluten flour, sunflower seeds, 1 cup hazelnuts, 1 egg, olive oil, 1 cup homemade yogurt, yeast, salt, honey - no sugar or white flour - you can see the hazelnuts in the photo!!  What did you eat today? - please share if you would like.  Apologies for the tablecloth and the color of the plate - it was an unplanned experience to snap a shot of my food.

10-29 002

Lana 12 weeks

The little sweetheart is 12 weeks and 3 days old today.  She weighs 22lb, 10lb increase over the past 3 weeks.  She is losing her fluff and bringing on the new coat.  She is such a cutie-pie.  I have attached a photo of daddy - Tex. 


Lana enjoying the new Tuffy tug toy - it is huge!
0812 017
0812 018

Enjoying her other big toy - Yoda:
aug6 003aug6 005
Lana discovered the chickens, not the "just in passing", but a case of "wow, those things actually move - they are very interesting Mum".  Growing up (this one was taken a week ago).

Newsy Stuff

Not sure how much of this I really wanted to say out loud - you know how that jinxes a person...

I had my thyroid lump scanned and then scanned/biopsied and waited for results and NOT CANCER.  yay!

I had Enid's huge flat lump on her rib/diaphragm area xrayed and due to position and blah blah blah, what I heard was NOT CANCER. yay!

Yoda's ataxia was getting alarming and my vet has been on a rapid learning curve with meds and epilepsy and we are now trying to wean Yoda off Potassium Bromide.  He is on a liquid form with a .25ml reduction every 2 weeks with a starting point of 2ml.  So looking forward to having Yoda back in the land of people soon - yay!

We sold 2 rams and 1 ewe (lambs) at the Woodburn Stock Auction last week for a nice price, kept 1 ram for us to eat, and kept the breeding ram.  So now we just have to butcher tomorrow, Reggie is in with his girls again and no more multi-barn separation and feeding antics and attempts by rams to crawl thru fences that even Jill can't get thru just to get to the girls (in season).  This is another yay!

Took the dogs out for a run in the pasture yesterday afternoon - Enid's paw seems good after almost a month of limping and regrowing most of one pad that she sliced off somewhere.  The sheep were not locked up but the last time I did this, the dogs didn't have any interaction so I thought cool, let's try it again.  Well, Jill appears to understand balance and Enid appears to be a driver (Yoda is still an idiot for a couple months more) - goodness knows what she has a "touch of" in her ancestry.  Jill managed to lift the wild ewes who are not dog-broke with their wilder ram, drive them with Enid up to the barn, Jill cut them off at the turn around the machine shed, held her point with her head focused and excited and bum in the air and front legs spread, the sheep turned and then Jill and Enid drove them to their barn and when I finally caught up with them all, the sheep were inside and Jill was standing outside the door looking at me with a big shit-eating grin.

Of course, I had no control and gave no direction since I was too far away and Jill isn't trained anyway - 1 lesson and 1 clinic.  Not sure if I have a right to be proud of her but I am nonetheless.  YAY!  YAY!  YAY!

This is a mild version of how Jill looked (thank you Heather) except more down in front and much happier and intense.  She also wasn't nearly that close.  I saw her come around and turn and stop in front, and those sheep just stopped in their tracks as they were racing around the shed. 

Another yay! - I called Jill to me from in front of the barn doors and she came fast and direct - (we have recall issues, especially if there is fun to be had and what is more fun than herding sheep?)

What a good week it has been for me...  (Yes Jill also did the full height teeter several times yesterday at the FG barn in spite of refusing to look at it, let along touch it, on Tuesday night in Sherwood).

Since I can't post a comment for Cedarfield, here is what I wrote in reply to the training situation:

You forget that you are doing 2 things and not just 1.  The reason that person keeps coming back is that you have provided access to agility equipment and are instructing (whether you think so or not) on the correct way to use that obstacle.  He may not like "how" you want him to teach it but you are letting him do something that he finds satisfying.

I remember that feeling back before I knew how to shape or what a clicker was.  I don't shape as much as some people, but more so than others.  And don't forget that the first class a person takes in agility usually uses equipment to hook them into the sport so that they come back.  It is usually people who know better who want to start with foundation classes and no equipment - 2nd dog or re-training their 1st dog.

Jill at 17 1/2 wks - Yoda 15 wks

Couldn't find any 16 wk photos so these will have to be good enough:

Starting to grow her mane causing a.bumpy topline, carrying a little more fat than I like, but not looking too weird - that happened later.

Yoda @ 15 wks and his sister Asia (now finished):


And how we look today:

Jill's Song to Yoda - I will follow him

For Tammy - this is the version of the song that I hear Jill singing as she follows Yoda everywhere 24 hrs a day since the day she came home.

Playtime with Jill

DSC_6263 by vivienne00
Shall we play Enid?

DSC_6270 by vivienne00
Maybe we could...

DSC_6271 by vivienne00
This is not what I had in mind
DSC_6272 by vivienne00
Yoda running interference

DSC_6285 by vivienne00
Cato wants to play too
DSC_6287 by vivienne00


DSC_6293 by vivienne00
Typical Enid move and typical Cato move
DSC_6296 by vivienne00
The old boy still has a little spunk left
DSC_6300 by vivienne00
The pack admiring Enid's mad vertical wall climbing skills

Deck the Halls by Pets



This was a great weekend at Stumptown, OR.

Yoda's very pretty sister, Asia, finished with 3 Majors !!

Tex, Rio's brother (turbodobes '  puppy) got a 3 pt major on Saturday !!  Got his first point the previous weekend !!

Havok, Rio's & Tex's daddy, got 3 sets of points toward his Grand Championship (2xBOS and 1xSD) at the 3 shows - now has 10 GRCH points (with his BOB from the previous weekend) !!

London (honorary dobe) gets his 1st CD leg !!

Lots to celebrate :).

Great going all around.....



I love this song and I love to watch her singing it - the little clenched fists expressing her emotions.

Mixed Breeds Changes in AKC

Same titles, same classes, still an option for the club to include mixed breeds or not, but able to compete in companion events even when there is conformation at the same show.  I guess the extra work and cost of ribbons and paperwork started to become apparent.  Yes!!

Linda Z and Zena MACH!

I heard on the grapevine that Linda Z (turbodobes) and Zena (dobe) got their MACH yesterday at PAC! Well done Linda & Zena!!

Old Dog Book

Here is a wonderful old book that you can flip thru on-line or buy it as a book. Have a look at the old time dobermann, GSD, sheltie, bull terrier, beardie, gordon setter, etc.


Happy New Year!!

Cato Acupuncture

Cato has been getting acupuncture from a mobile vet for 3 sessions now. His left front leg was getting worse and when I took him in, the vet seemed to think he had torn shoulder cartilage. Well, the vet that comes here said she believes it is his neck and not the shoulder. He has very limited range of motion in his neck and doesn't show any signs of shoulder pain when she manipulates the legs and all the joints. Just stoic Cato. But he does NOT like the needles, especially if she wants to put them in his feet - ugh. He gets a lot of treats for putting up with it. She seems to think it will take 5-6 sessions before we can notice any permanent improvement. Right now he is on Trajan's phenylbutasone (the dog before Cato) and the regular vet (who prescribed it for Trajan) said it was OK to use those meds for Cato at the same dosage, and no they don't really go "off".

Anyone else do this for arthritic old men under their care? (I mean dogs of course :) ). Here are some photos for your amazement or amusement.

Happy Snap

Well I just want to post my Christmas photo of choice:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Historical Dog Photos

Interesting old photos of a lot of breeds - what is a Sloughi? and is a Working Collie a BC?



Really? You all saw this?

When I posted the link to Extreme Shepherding, I thought at least one person might not have seen it and was pleasantly surprised.  But not a single comment - not even to say Jorbar posted it on March 16th or anything like that.  I tried to go back and see if someone did.  Maybe you all saw it somewhere else that I am not connected to.  Wow!

Anyway, I thought it was so awesome and what a tribute to BC's and what they can do with a well-trained handler.  Oh well.

Extreme Shepherding or Sheep with LEDs or whatever you want to call it was super cool. 

Go Border Collies !!!  (and their clever handlers)


Extreme Shepherding

Not sure if all you BC sheep herding people have seen this or not, but if you haven't you MUST -

"We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts. For more info search for samsung LED TV or visit samsung.com/LED "

 It's a riot and amazing - wonderful dogs and lots of sheep.